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WATCH RE-MAIN Episode English Subbed Legal Full Movie IQIYI

Link Streaming RE-MAIN(リメイン) English Subtitle Full Movie Preview, Spoiler, and Release Date

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Download RE-MAIN Episode 4 Eng Sub. RE-MAIN Eps 4 English Subtitle When will it be released? If there are no obstacles, the RE-MAIN Anime Episode 4 Eng Sub will be released or on the broadcast schedule Every Sunday at 00:30, update 1 episode

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The story centers on Minato Kiyoumizu, a boy who quits playing water polo after an incident during the winter of his third year of junior high school. After entering high school, he made an appointment and decided to try water polo again and join the school team with his friends. However, the new team will run into problems along the way…

Genres: Sports, School

(Source: MAL News)

RE-MAIN Story Preview Episode 4 Latest English Sub

RE-MAIN Eps 4 English Subbed – Official Preview

spoiler alert |

General director and screenwriter Masafumi Nishida (“TIGER & BUNNY”) x Animation production MAPPA (“Jujutsu Kaisen”) challenges water polo for the first time!
TV broadcast decision 2021! ◆

Masafumi Nishida, who wrote the script for the anime “TIGER & BUNNY”, is acting as original director, general director, series composition, full story script, and sound director, and continues to produce topical works such as “Yuri!!! on ICE”. Teaming up with MAPPA, we’re going to challenge the first full-scale waterball TV animation that no one has ever seen.

In the winter of his third year of junior high school, Minato Shimizu, the hero who stops water polo after a certain event. He entered high school and started water polo with his friends who met there by one appointment. However, various difficulties await in the weak water polo club…

This article does not guarantee the existence of the same story as the anime series later, RE-MAIN will air every Sunday at 00:30 update 1 episode

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